You know when you have so much to do, and then you feel so overwhelmed, and then you freak out… and then you just decide to do none of it?

Well unfortunately that is not possible when you are running a business. Especially when you just started one! Studying law wasn't the easiest, but I felt that I could deal with studying when it suited me. Clearly when I started LJS I had a bit of a wakeup call and learnt that I had to put those organisational skills in the peak of my study to use. Of course I still get distracted (I sat down 3 times to try and write this blog), and I still get that guilty feeling reminiscent of days where I should have been studying, but being passionate about what I am doing, and knowing that people are relying on me is what pushes me through the distraction. That and a few tricks I've learnt along the way.


So here are some tips, hopefully they will help you get that pesky task done, without the need for Ritalin.

  • Write everything down. Post-it notes are the best. I word vomit all my tasks onto them, stick them on my computer and rip them off once completed;
  • Be real when you are setting tasks, so you don't want to kill yourself after only being able to cross off 2/20 (when it was unrealistic to get those tasks done in the first place);
  • Turn everything off. The hardest part is starting, so why let someone ruin that? It's just not worth your time;
  • Set a timer, place it nearby and feel the pressure to compete with yourself in getting the task done;
  • Friendships aside, collab with people who work harder than you or a bit competitive. This always keeps you on your toes and pushes you that little bit further;
  • Plan ahead. I know it sounds boring but having a monthly calendar with all your major events is pretty helpful in preparing for contingencies, and ensuring you tackle specific tasks each day. It also goes a long way in defusing that sick feeling you get when you become so overwhelmed. 
  • Just do it. The reason people resonate and love Nike so much, is because their philosophy is 100% true and irrefutable. So just do it!

If you've got any tips please holla below. Now get back to it! x

Words by Lucia Hatten
Images WWD & Getty Images
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