Socks & Sandals: The equality movement

Candy socks from

Candy socks from

Words by Jordan Wearn
Photos by Phillipa Muzzo

“Oh my god, dad, what are you doing?” we have all muttered under our shallow breaths as we quickly guide dad from our reputation (the friendships that gather in the front room) and into the kitchen, where he stands against the ceramic tiles in his ‘tatty brownies’ (the worst possible sandal case scenario to our thirteen year old selves) and the white socks that looked like smiling teeth, against the black and white nylon.

But that was in the nineties, and we’re not quite there anymore.

Some years on, and here we are, in sausage socks and Birkenstocks, glimmering black and glimmering beautifully. It is no secret anymore, we are loco for loafers, seductive towards sandals in store windows, and losing it for the latte socks swimming in from overseas. You just can’t miss them now, they are here and at Lucia Josephine Styling; they don’t mind this at all.

In fact, to hell with it, yes, I spent one hundred dollars on avocado socks and socks with bulldog faces, and latte glasses, and the pope, and cats sitting on piles of books. I did this for my sandals love and happiness, my ceremonial acceptance into the lifestyle, that for so many centuries has been a bee sting amongst the world of fashion.

Winter has run off with the neighbour and Spring has knocked on my door with a bouquet of daisies this month. To mark the wonderful warmth returning (and our newest wacky obsession) I paired up with Brisbane based photographer Phillipa Muzzo of Pemberley to capture the duo in their rawest form. Which brings me, through enthrallment of eye research, to the breakthrough in the socks and sandals movement, a climax like no Liam Neeson action film can deliver.

Let's not forget the boys too. Birkenstocks paired with sausage socks from Violet Green

Let's not forget the boys too. Birkenstocks paired with sausage socks from Violet Green

Frocked in your custom gowns from Lucia Josephine Styling, that smell like summer or your mum’s high waisted jeans from the nineties (we’re back there) the socks and sandal combination butters the icing across the cake, a cake we’re most certainly enjoying.

It is for everyone, it is everywhere and anywhere, it is sustainable, comfortable, and you don't have to spend a lot to make your sandals look even better. And it seems the trend could be here to stay with fashionista's using them in photo shoots everywhere, and musicians like London based Singer/Songwriter Laurel (among my favourite to rock them this month) dancing around in her pastel duo!

And packed inside the cake, is that the cheeky combo can be affordable and accessible to pretty much everyone across the sunny, snowy globe. Which is what Lucia Josephine Styling is all about!

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