Age is not an excuse

Age is not an excuse. And guess what? Sexy doesn’t stop when you turn 50!

The prominent reason for this misinformed assumption involves the “Media”. Unfortunately, the media plays a large role in crafting the current commercial representation of beauty. If that wasn’t enough, it also attempts to define what it means to be sexy. This is a billion dollar industry dedicated to planting the seeds of dissatisfaction, turning the beauty and grace of old age into a problem when it is in fact a privilege to reach old age, one that many may never experience. It is no wonder we feel less than our best more often than we would like to admit. The truth however, is that a well-cultivated mind is what is important. Not weight, size or age. In the words of William Shakespeare,

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.”

Sexy is an attitude of confidence. The response to the universe that one has developed, knowing who they are and what they represent. Advertising teaches us to deny this very truth; rather we are lead to believe a problem exists. Big ads make you feel small. Insecurities manifest which motivate many to buy products that make outrageous and near impossible claims that they will temporarily satisfy our manipulated emotions. Surgery used to be used to heal soldiers that were injured in the war. It was not long until the commercial marketplace decided to invest efforts into promoting these technologies to women to fix up the ‘errors of nature’. Make your boobs bigger, skin tighter, waist thinner and lips pouted. New products fill the shelves every year, all in the name of natural beauty.

Old age is something to be worn with pride. If you want to see a good example look to Iris Apfel for inspiration. Instead, big billboards on bigger buildings take cheap shots at us as we wander through the eclipsed city sidewalks. What’s my point? Things are not as bad as they seem. You are beautiful but if nobody thought that aging was a problem, cosmetic companies would lose half their yearly turnover.

Fashion icon Iris Apfel, who recently celebrated her 93rd birthday

You have every right to feel sexy. It is not a privilege reserved for the computer-modified youth. Telling people they are beautiful just the way they are is not a good marketing strategy to sell you things you don’t really need, so forgive these marketers that believe that you should fit into something off the rack. These people believe that one size fits all and profits matter more than the people they feign to serve. Don’t buy into these attempts at altering our own perceptions of beauty. Be forever present, as insecurity comes gift-wrapped and with a 10% discount. Instead, go and tell your grandmother, mother or older sister that they’re beautiful and see what good a few words can do. Life is a gift, relish in every moment for living is a privilege and to recognise it is beautiful. 

Words Tee Noah

Lucia HattenComment