Those who dared to be different at the Globes

Cara Delevingne, designer Georgina Chapman of Marchesa, J Lo and Rita Ora backstage at the Golden Globes 2015

I've been thinking about this for a few seasons now but thought I could be a little overly critical, until I found out that fashions most influential, Anna Wintour (editor in chief of Vogue) also agreed. That is, the red carpet has become repetitive and a tad boring!

Sure the business of being a celebrity encounters triumphs and hurdles like any other establishment, however like anything that is exposed to the limelight, it does so in front of a world of nit picky critics, who have high expectations! Yep, you sometimes gotta feel for celebs (okay, not really) but their awkward poses on the red carpet can sometimes be cringeworthy, as you can almost feel how uncomfortable they are through the screen, with their drawn out smiles in front of a pack of flashing bulbs. It's no wonder celebrities are reluctant to try something new and experiment with fashion! It was at the famed Central St. Martins (last June) that Anna Wintour said it best, 

"The red carpet in the United States has become too much of a business. It's a fact that celebrities are paid to wear everything, and to me that sometimes comes across as very manufactured and not individual... Celebrities have all these teams of people telling them what to do, what to wear, how to do their hair, their make-up. And they're so scared of being criticised whereas, you know, what's wrong with looking different? How many strapless sequined mermaid gowns can we see?"

Amen Anna! Because that right there ^ is everything LJS stands for (see Style Tell Your Own Story)! So be inspired and have fun with fashion, at LJS we're here to help you bring out your inner style, but you're in the driver's seat and will always have the last say. We provide a custom service which empowers you to create something that no one else in the room will have, so you can show off how fabulous you really are!

Thankfully, some stars are starting to buck the matchy 'staged' look and take a little risk at this years Golden Globes. So the following is not a gallery of the best and worst dressed celebrities, it's a celebration of the women who dared to be different amidst the savage style critics. We hope the risks continue for the upcoming awards circuit, we'll be watching!

As always, let us know your thoughts xx

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