Creating a Persona

When creating a face chart from scratch, you will honestly be baffled on where to begin. You have all these ideas in mind and the process you're going to follow but, you can never fully execute it. You might be thinking, What will her head shape be?, What will the colour of her skin be like?, Will her eyes resemble the colour of the sea, or the colour of the trees? All these images flood your head of what beauty is to our society and it's so difficult to decide on which of these unique features you're going to be transferring onto paper. 

Source Humanae - A project highlighting our true & various skin colours using the PANTONE® colour scheme and the abundance of beauty there is!

When you are all set with the pencil in one hand, the piece of paper in the other, your hands basically do all the thinking for you at this point. You create, manipulate, alter and observe. Honestly, it's not as difficult as you think. Start with the eyes and envision what shape you would want them to look like; look in the mirror if that helps. Then, focus on the Nose. Then, the mouth. 

"We love the power of make up, it is truly a remarkable art form"

Rendering your creation? Well, that's a different story. Using make-up on paper is not something new but, there isn't a vast majority who prefer this method. It's difficult to have a concentration of colour in a specific area, and it's difficult to blend out shadow. But, once you get the hang of it and all the pigment show through, it is one of the most relaxing and satisfying ways to render.

We love the power of make up, it is truly a remarkable art form, and can completely change an individual, especially when paired with a striking outfit that exudes style, and most importantly confidence from the woman! That could not have been more clearly illustrated with the blank canvass we started with, to the end product which now shows off a confident, cool girl attitude.  

See the transformation!

So take that as a major note for when you're heading out for your next event! Think about the woman you want to be. From your bespoke piece that has been carefully crafted by our entire team to ensure your best features are on display; to the certain shades, and conturing shapes you use to sculpt your face, remember that we have the power to show off our very best versions of ourselves, and literally transform us into being whoever we want to be (as corny as that sounds)... even during those times when we don't always feel up to it. 

So when you want to dress to impress, come to us of course ;) but most importantly remember that we can play dress up with the tools around us to create which ever persona we want! The biggest secret though? Always embrace your natural beauty, one should never mask it #GirlPower

- Words: Dani Tinio