What To Expect: Miss Universe 2016

Only hours away to the much anticipated and dubbed as the most beautiful show on earth, or universe rather, the Miss Universe 2016 Pageant. Being held in Manila is making raves and waves and believe us when we say you can really feel the excitement in the air.

Miss Universe 2016 candidates in Chinatown Manila

The candidates have been roving around and about the Philippines, from their photo-video coverage tours of the northern Philippines- Albay, Ilocos, Baguio-, to their Swimsuit competition in Cebu, while also touring the Metro, and just the other night a Presidential Courtesy highlighting the celebration feels everywhere.

The Candidates in Boracay Island, Philippines

And with the coronation night coming up within just a week, there are so many things we are looking forward to see. From the most beautiful gorgeous ladies from various parts of the globe, to their proud parade of National Costumes, down to their long evening gowns which they will be very much remembered. I personally can’t wait to watch video montage prepared by the Miss Universe Team and Department of Tourism to really showcase The Philippines and what it can offer.

Touring Old Manila, Fort Santiago

Touring Old Manila, Fort Santiago

We are also excited to have a glimpse of one of the judges, the ever beautiful Sushmita Sen, as she considers this as her homecoming after 23 years from winning the Miss Universe 1994 also held in Manila. And another moment we are really looking forward to watch is the official first/final walk of reign of current Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach.

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach

And yes it’s a feast for the eyes but we are also being reminded that there’s a voice and cause behind every Miss Universe candidates and with the Q&A portion we get to really see these advocates shine, just like how we all fell in love with the wits and charms that Miss Universe 2015 Pia brought over a year ago. Truly confident and beautiful with a heart. 

Fashion Show in Vigan, Philippines

IMAGES: www.missuniverse.com

To celebrate the beautiful beauty queens, we have prepared some illustrations of our favourite national costumes from the past and present, of Miss Australia & Miss Philippines. 

- Words: Shermaine K.