When we think of work and corporate, we usually associate these with air of seriousness and formality and for some reasons the dull faded shade of black. Thus the media industry portrays the 9-5 working woman in plain “boring” formal attire.

But this is the real life, and in the real world, we see different colours and feel various of textures and so why not incorporate these in your corporate wardrobe?

We don’t mean for you to take the flouncy festivity in your offices corridors, it is still a workplace after all , but in a classy and stylish way you can stand out by taking a cue from these office fashion tips.


Beside the office plants, your wardrobe can add life to the work place and make it less gray and dull. A floral ruffled dress design in muted colours and darker canvas is a great start to add variety in your corporate outfit. Its not a big leap from black to colour but colleagues will definitely notice. And its a great piece to match with any blazer but take our bespoke tip: get your blazer tailored!


They say TRENDY is next to TACKY. So to avoid being too dated with your everyday outfit, try to mix up the season’s colour little by little. Always pair it with an achromatic colour either black or white. You can start with your accessories, your pencil skirt, your ruffled blouse. But not everything at the same time. Resist the temptation to be too colourful. Remember you need an ease transition from a day to evening-wear for after-work soiree.


Should you really wish to be the life of the workplace, then opt for one coloured piece. For a classic vibe, try mustard yellow, burgundy or navy blue. For a more stand out feel, Tiffany Blue, Bright Yellow, Pastel Pink. We do suggest trying out various of swatches first, and that’s what is amazing about having customized corporate outfits.


Try an updated version of a casual suit, a bodice and pants in the same material or colour. Sure it may look like a uniform, but a classy one. Think about tweed or suede for material. And that’s the beauty of bespoke, choosing the materials right from the start and get the perfect fit. No need to see if its on your size or running to the alterations shop.


So there you have it, we hope these essential bespoke tips will be helpful for your corporate wardrobe ideas. But there are still a lot more to personally consider, from the appropriate material, the perfect shade and hue, to the right silhouette. And we’ll be here to help you incorporate all that and that’s the bespoke experience!

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