The Making of Chapter I - The Renascence (Part I)

Chapter I.

The Renascence means rebirth, a new start, a new beginning - fitting for the debut of our very first collection.

“ I have wanted to showcase the Lucia Josephine aesthetic with a collection for quite sometime now, and the invitation to debut at MFF was the perfect opportunity ” - Lucia

This collection has been in the making for almost a year! Starting from gathering inspiration, making mood boards, and going back and forth with designs. We were meticulous during our preparation period, planning everything to a tee.

Our starting point. Women. Defiant Women.

This collection has taken inspiration from women in the Victorian & Edwardian periods, who at the time had no voice, and were robbed of any accolades. Fortunately, we have seen a lot of progression since then, but we wanted to give the women from the past a chance to be liberated – to be reborn. Which is why you see intricate details, dating as far back as the 15th-16th century, such as shirring, bishop sleeves, embroidery, and bead work.

Our collection also considered the notion of desirability in the millennial era, and what it means for a woman to be desired today. Referencing subtle ‘sexiness’ with cut-outs, alluring neck pieces and sheer panels.


True to our philosophy of quality over quantity, we undertook multiple fitting sessions for each piece, assessing fit/proportion, and perfecting each design. This is actually a very rare process to do for collections, mostly because of how tedious, costly and timely it is, but we wanted to show our clients that getting the perfect fit and bringing a vision to life is one of our specialities.

At the end of the day, we know that craftsmanship takes time and that’s why each and every piece is made with love.


Then it came to making the actual pieces! With one of our designs (The Zelda), taking 100+ hours to make!

Our finale piece The Jocelyn Bell, was made with a skeletal type crinoline base to hold it’s shape (which took many iterations to make sure we got the round shape just right, and with enough volume). The dress also has 500 inches of tulle that had to be hand-shirred by our couturiers!

All bead work was handcrafted in house by our extraordinary team of couturiers, and interns, with our neck pieces embellished with pearls and crystal beads taking up to 12 hours to hand sew! We also teamed up with artisans who specialise in laser cutting and embroidery, for the finishing touches - with the designs (custom made in-house) inspired by Gothic Cathedral architecture.

Stay tuned for Part II, with the making of our look book and more behind the seams and backstage shots!


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