STYLE INSPO: A fresh perspective with looks we love from SS 18 Couture!

For us fashion sensible women, we choose to prioritise starting the New Year with a new wardrobe full of season’s trendiest pieces. For years we’ve been trying to get ahead of fashion trends that we often end up shopping for more than what we actually need. 

But don’t you think that there’s a better way to kick start the new season than just following trends made available at stores? At LJ we believe beginning the New Year is the perfect opportunity for a fresh perspective, not just a fresh wardrobe. 

So this year, why don't you try to treat yourself a little more, and indulge in a luxury experience where your limitless fashion cravings can be satisfied. One where you will never ever have to feel guilty about it again. Plus, no waiting in long lines, no hassle on having store-bought clothes altered to your shape and size, and no outfit twinning with a stranger? 

To get some ideas rolling, we’ve taken to Spring 2018 Couture season in Paris, for you to inject some essentials into your wardrobe that will last seasons to come!

Designer Inspo: Ralph and Russo

Why? It’s always nice to have that empowered feeling at work. These work wear separates will definitely give that to you. They are also so classic that you have an option to wear them as is for that crisp let’s-get-things-done vibe  or incorporate some basics with it when you want to just have a semi-laid back look.

Designer Inspo: Zuhair Murad

Why? Red never goes out of trend! Going to an event wearing a well-made gown such as these ones will get you all the attention for sure!

Designer Inspo: Ellery

Why? Basically, these are the staples with a twist! Consider having these in your wardrobe and you’ll never ever have that day where you will ask the universe why you don’t have anything to wear.

Our goal is to make you feel like a fashion royalty! So make it happen this 2018. LJ can help ;)

Words: Andrea Domaoan


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