Every first Monday of May, the fashion industry dazzles audiences with one-of-a-kind pieces and
fabulous dresses. The attendees of the 2018 MET Gala continued to surprise us fashion enthusiasts on their take from the theme “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”.

The event held last May 7th, 2018 was adorned with voluminous silhouettes, intricate beading, luxurious fabrics, and beautiful headpieces. As always the designers and celebrities did not fail to impress -  here are just a few of our personal favorites, which may even serve up as inspiration for your next bespoke piece with us!

Rihanna in Maison Margiela by John Galliano

Rihanna entered the MET Gala dripping in extravagance and jewels. The ensemble channeled papal attire and Catholic symbols, but had a bit of modern flare with its asymmetrical detailing and shorter length. The dress isn’t overly Saintly; rather it’s taken to an artistic level with its extremely detailed beading and craftsmanship… something that we specialize in for our bespoke pieces!

Sarah Jessica Parker in Dolce & Gabbana

SJP is well-known as the stickler of religiously following each MET Gala theme, and again we’ve got to love her for it! She arrived as a golden splendour. Her dress was pure extravagance, with the head-to-toe applique detailing, and dramatic headpiece. Her gold dress was complemented with a pop of colour through the heart motifs. The overall design is more modest (to stick to the theme), but it still certainly stood out among the rest. The applique placement is something that can undoubtedly be part of your next bespoke piece with us!

Blake Lively in Versace

Blake Lively brought a more feminine take for her MET Gala dress. The dress looked like it was inspired from saint statues. The corset detail was encrusted with beads and gems, while the bottom part of the dress features a filigree lace applique. The burgundy color mixed with gold and silver tones flattered Blake Lively’s skintone perfectly! Can you believe that it took over 600 hours for the talented Versace team to craft this piece?! And did you know that we let each and every one of our clients know how long their LJ garment takes to make! (Fun fact: one of our most intricate pieces took over 150+ hours!)

Cara Delevingne in Dior

Cara Delevigne took an edgier and more risque approach for the MET Gala. Her look was a fitted floor length gown, with sheer and criss-cross details. The whole look was topped off with a very unique headpiece that almost covered her entire face. She added a bit of punk element with her pink pixie-cut hairstyle and smokey make-up. Like in our bespoke experience, we can cater to your requirements for your designs! Just like how Cara decided to a bit edgy for the MET Gala.

SZA in Versace

R&B singer and first-time MET Gala attendee SZA was all-ethereal and grace. Her dress had a beaded bodice, but the game-changer was the layers of billowing tulle for the bottom part of her dress. The ensemble made it look as if she was floating on the red carpet. Her headpiece gave an illusion of a halo behind her head. This entire look is the way to go for a graceful look at the MET Gala. The tiered layering of the tulle is the perfect feminine touch for your next bespoke design!

Kim Kardashian in Versace

This dress flaunted Kim Kardashian in all the right places. The dress highlights her hourglass figure, and golden color suits her olive/tan skintone perfectly. The dress looks as if it was made just for her, just like in our bespoke experience! The great thing about bespoke is that the garments are made to fit you just the way you like it. The overall look is quite simple, and to relate to the theme, a few cross motifs were added around the bodice and hips.

Stella Maxwell in Moschino

The dress may look simple in it’s silhouette, but upon looking closer, the dress is covered in murals and decorations of religious icons. Stella Maxwell’s ensemble looks to be a custom mosaic print, which is something we can provide to make your next bespoke piece a lot more unique! Aside from the eye-catching print, the dress is also designed with beading and jewels.

We definitely can’t wait for what the MET Gala has in store for us next year! Hope that these looks inspire you for you next bespoke piece with Lucia Josephine.

Words and Illustrations: Migee R

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