Who Makes My Clothes?


Who Makes My Clothes?

Lucia Josephine is a strong advocate for the slow fashion movement, valuing the craft and time spent to produce beautiful garments.

Our holistic approach means that bespoke is not just about the final product; it is a shared experience between the crafts-person and the consumer. That is why our business model is strongly centered around an ethical platform to ensure that our staff enjoy the journey of bespoke... as much as the client enjoys wearing it.

So it's our commitment to people that's what separates us from the rest. In a protest against exploitation, overseas production is used to promote the development of third world countries. Through local community engagement, Lucia Josephine aspires to exhibit the exceptional workmanship of local couturiers, fashion designers, and design students, currently in the Philippines.

This allows fashionistas the opportunity to utilise their skills and realise their dreams through their unconquerable passion for fashion. Through our bespoke service, it ensures that we are only buying what we need, and nothing more! Plus we ensure that our packaging lies true to our sustainable ethos, being only biodegradable, and or recycled.

So thank you for supporting our ethical luxury fashion label, and help us make this world a beautiful place, one garment at a time!

You are truly inspirational. Your business ethics and products are of the highest quality. Thank you for your openness you deserved the award making beauty, and helping raise some women from your heritage country out of poverty. Bravo to you.
— Robyn Holt at The School, Small Business Session 2014 (ex head of Vogue & Monocle Magazines)


Lucia Josephine endeavours to create employment opportunities in developing nations, ensuring they are paid a living wage, can work standard hours, and have the ability to freely communicate their labor rights. In addition, Lucia Josephine provides the skills & experience of working internationally, without the need to leave their home and ultimately their families, which unfortunately many women with young children must sacrifice. That's something we're chuffed about! So feel good, knowing you're buying good.


Working with large manufacturer's is unsuitable for Lucia Josephine, as it is impersonal and makes monitoring ethical production difficult. So we operate completely in house, hiring experienced fashion designers, couturiers, pattern makers, sewers. With some having studied at the top fashion schools in the Philippines & abroad, or worked with local fashion designers. Each purchase supports local talent, and up-and-comers, who are on par with the world's fashion capitals. So your garments are in very good hands!

Then please watch the True Cost of Fashion documentary (currently screening on Netflix) and check out Fashion Revolution, which campaigns "Who made my clothes?" after the tragic Bangladesh factory collapse which killed over 1,200 people and injured over 2,500 people, all in the name of the bottom dollar. So come on just do it... even Vogue said so! Or at least watch the trailer below if you're a little busy.