Bespoke Womenswear

 We are unorthodox

And that’s what makes us so good.

Founded in Australia, Lucia Josephine is a luxury bespoke fashion house that prides itself on exceptional quality & unrivalled service.



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Brisbane News | May 7, 2019

Queen of the night. A new mood in evening wear from fashion’s rising star.


Preview.Ph | October, 2018

This Australian Label Has Romantic Pieces Fit for a Modern Woman.


MEGA Magazine | July, 2019

Editorial: ‘The Queen and I’ Wearing The Zelda & The Mileva.


Business World | October, 2018

A memorable dress was a big pink creation with 500 inches of tulle…


F Magzine | February 20, 2019

Delivering bespoke luxury fashion with the release of their latest collection.


Preen.Ph | October, 2018

Amid all the backstage chaos, we had the chance to catch up with newcomer…


Lucia Josephine, debuts Chapter I
at Manila Fashion Festival