Custom focus for local Brisbane designer’s debut bridal collection

September 20, 2022 2 min read

Custom focus for local Brisbane designer’s debut bridal collection

Press Release

A Brisbane designer is reimagining bridal by crafting modern designs through heritage techniques.

After six years of designing custom gowns, day wear and whimsical ready-to wear pieces, Lucia Josephine presents her debut bridal collection White Chocolate.

The collection, launching today after two years in the making, encapsulates 11 locally hand-crafted gowns showcasing full skirts, straight silhouettes, and signature corseting.

Locally made in her Brisbane workroom, this range is all about luxurious texture, using buttery supple silks, mikados, delicate beaded laces and feathers.

The collection sees long-time bridal designer Pina Fiorenza join the house of Lucia Josephine, bringing heritage to the modern brand.

Fiorenza’s 30 years of experience in bridal are invaluable, allowing the designers to blend traditional craftsmanship with modern processes.

They do this by harnessing processes and designs Fiorenza saw work well in the past and making them modern through Josephine’s eye.

These traditional values include offering unique calico fittings, where a “walking pattern” is made in calico fabric, allowing brides to ensure the fit is perfect before cutting into the main fabric.

Josephine says this is how couture pieces were traditionally made, however the process was largely abandoned around the industrial revolution when fashion became more mass produced.

Custom has been an important part of her brand since the beginning.

“There are so many issues with sizing in fashion - every brand has a different size chart.

"Even though it is a bit more work, it is worth it for the incomparable quality fit . . . and for a bride, it is an everlasting and memorable experience for a special milestone," she says.

Keeping this value intact, each of the 11 gowns has a selection of custom recommendations to choose from, which keep the integrity of the design and fabric.

However, Josephine says they are open to all customisation.

“Everyone has their unique style and we want to explore that with them.”

Also unique, her brides receive a complete garment with no need for further alterations by an external party.

“We do everything from conceptualisation to completion. This is so reassuring for brides, particularly as they are often having their dress made well in advance of their wedding.”

Inspiration for the collection's name came from a bride herself. During a custom fitting, one of Josephine’s brides changed into her gown, felt the supple fabric on her skin, and turned to her Mum saying, “I feel like I’m wearing white chocolate.”

Josephine says that moment encapsulated the feeling of their design process, which always starts with fabric and the duo draping over themselves in front of the mirror.

“Everything is based on touch and feel. We are big believers in that the mirror will tell all - how it will feel and the mood it will create . . . The sketch often comes after.”

Josephine says it is honourable to be entrusted with an intimate milestone in someone else’s life.

“You can just never take that for granted - it is really so special.”

- Words, Molly Houseman