Are your bridal consultation appointments free?
We do not charge a consultation fee, but we do kindly ask clients to cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours in advance of an appointment.
Are these the only styles available?
We have variations of each design available, and you may refer to the 'CUSTOMISATION OPTIONS' drop down in each product to view possible customisation options for that design. If you'd like to talk to us about a particular customisation, please submit through our 'CUSTOMISATION ENQUIRY' button via the product page, so that we can help you create your ideal piece.
What if I live interstate or overseas?
Through our virtual appointment service Lucia Josephine offers personalised consultations no matter where in the world you live. Working with you virtually over a series of video calls, we will create a calico and help you find your exact measurements all through our one-on-one unique process that combines technology with the traditions of couture.
If I like two or more of your gowns, can I mix and match the styles?
Yes, absolutely. This is why we believe strongly in calico fittings, which involves constructing a sample gown in calico first, ensuring the style forms an immaculate silhouette on you. Having a calico fitting is rare these days but is the secret to a perfect gown made for you. Discover the difference of LJ Bridal here. 
Is it okay if I make changes after my purchase and/or during fittings?
Of course. This is part of our process - no bride walks out with something they don't like. Having the luxury of calico is exactly why we can say that. (Please note if it is a significant change that requires additional work or new fabric, the total price may be impacted).
What if I change shape by the time you finish my gown?
This is not uncommon, and we are ready for it. We structure our process and fittings to account for this, which we can discuss further individually to suit your personal circumstances. 
Why should I purchase from you and not just go with a dressmaker?
Some dressmakers are better with lace, some with silk, some with contractions - you will not find one who knows everything. We have a professional team of makers in our workroom who each bring different skills to the table. This collaboration ensures the process is flawless. Each gown has weeks and weeks of research and refinement behind it. Wearing a designer gown is an experience, not an experiment.